China MiƩville book covers
The City & The City / Kraken / Embassytown / Railsea / This Census-Taker / The Last Days Of New Paris (Subterranean Press)

Joe Hill book covers
20th Century Ghosts (PS Publishing) / Heart-Shaped Box (Subterranean Press) / Thumbprint (Subterranean Press) /
(PS Publishing) / Horns (PS Publishing)
Stephen King book covers
Stephen King Goes To The Movies / The Shining (Subterranean Press)
Robert McCammon book covers
The Wolf's Hour / The Hunter From The Woods / The Five / They Thirst / Blue World (Subterranean Press)
K. J. Parker book covers
Purple And Black / Blue And Gold / Academic Exercises / Downfall Of The Gods / Mightier Than The Sword / The Father Of Lies (Subterranean Press)
Ray Bradbury book covers
I Sing The Body Electric / Summer Morning, Summer Night (Subterranean Press)
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