Books published by Subterranean Press
The Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte / The God Engines by John Scalzi /
The Ape's Wife And Other Stories by Caitlin R. Kiernan / The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi /
Bleeding Shadows by Joe R. Lansdale
Books published by PS Publishing
Tales From The Fragrant Harbour by Garry Kilworth / Dogs With Their Eyes Shut by Paul Meloy / End Times by Rio Youers /
Ars Memoriae by Beth Bernobich / The Witnesses Are Gone by Joel Lane / Long Shadows, Nightmare Light by Mark Morris /
My Name is Mary Sutherland
by Kate Farrell
Books published by Dark Regions Press
Bird Box: Special Edition by Josh Malerman / Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse /
Return Of The Old Ones: Apocalyptic Lovecraftian Horror edited by Brian M. Sammons
Books for various publishers
Snake Agent by Liz Williams (L'Atalante - French edition) / The House In The Riddle by Liza Granville (Bewrite Books) /
The Spectral Book Of Horror Stories
edited by Mark Morris (Spectral Press) / Dark Minds anthology (Dark Minds Press) /
Dirty Prayers
by Gary McMahon (Gray Friar Press) / Rough Cut by Gary McMahon (Pendragon Press) /
The Winter Tree
(Bloodshot Books) / Words From The Wise (Arts Advance)
Books self-published by authors
Bad Radio by Michael Langlois / (* 'tentacles' graphic created by Debbie Semple)
A Beginner's Guide To Sandcastle Alchemy & Other Feats Of Wonder by Nik Houser
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